Still decorating...    Sunday, March 19, 2017

Hello, Friends!

How is everyone today?!  I'm still decorating this batch of pots but I'm almost finished.  It's Sunday now and I plan to fire this batch for the last time tonight.  I've got the dragonfly, peace and crop circle pieces all finished.  Now I'm working on the hippie henna tattoo designs and then the henna tattoo pieces.  Here's a photo that I took on Saturday of a hippie henna tattoo mug in purple.  Note:  the laser decals look black before firing, but the irox oxide in the toner turns sepia brown/plum on the purple glaze; so the designs and words will look more muted than this.

Happy Sunday! Cheers, Diana

Crop Circle Clay - hippie henna tattoo coffee mug in purple

Glaze fire done--on to decorating!    Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Hello, Friends!  I hope all those on the east coast of the US survived the Winter Storm safely this week!  Wowza!  You all are still digging yourselves out.  Hang in there!

I high-fired this current batch load to cone 5 which is about 2,300 degrees F and let them cool down slowly, about 12 hours.  Brought them in the house last night to allow them to acclimate to the house temp.  Tonight I'm starting to decorate them!  Wanted to share a picture with you!  I'll try to get a photo as I'm decorating in the next few days.

Please see earlier posts for lists of customers in this batch.  Thank you!

Love & Light to you!  Diana

Glazing Today! Orders Update    Sunday, March 5, 2017

Hey, Friends! Glazing today!! Here are the customers who have pots in this batch: T. Burrows, J. Davis, T. Wilson, J. Lambert, veggiemom, M. Mahler, C. Windham, L. Funk, J. Rodemoyer, F. Kelley, J. Dickinson, S. Waller, C. Glaeser, V. Frank, L. Bailey, A. Dibling.  Many in this group are multiples. Thank you!

**My Buddy**    Wednesday, March 1, 2017

(Posted on Facebook last Thursday, Feb. 23, 2017).

Had a dream over the weekend that Buddy was running and playing with a pretty girl dog. He had a crush on her and was chasing her. I tried to call to him but my voice didn't work. He didn't see me, he was happy. That dream has been a comfort as I knew it was to signal that Buddy's time with us was coming to a close. We said goodbye to our dear, sweet Buddy today. He stayed with us as long as he could, living with diabetes and blind for the last 3 years. The house is quiet and Terry and I miss him so much already. He was a superior dog, faithful and loving companion and pretty funny too. I could understand his sounds like he was talking to me. I am very grateful for all the happy times we had together. We buried him in the back yard next to Queg & Quee. 

Post-script - March 1, 2017.  My studio (or my life) will not be the same without Buddy!!  He has been my faithful companion for almost 10 years.  I'm still in shock and I look for him to be there next to me all the time.  RIP, my sweet Buddy.


**Orders Update**    Sunday, February 19, 2017

Hey, Friends!  How is everyone?  We've had nice early Spring-like weather here in Ohio this weekend!  It was very warm, about 60-65 degrees both days.  So wonderful!  Buddy loved laying in the sun.  He stayed outside while I was in the studio.  Had to take a picture of him today as he dozed off to sleep.  Such a sweet dog! 

This weekend I attached handles onto the 13 coffee mugs that I threw during the week.  And I also began throwing some more pots; coffee mugs, one travel mug and 3 coffeehouse mugs.  Pulled these handles Thursday night, I think.  They have to dry a bit before I can attach them. 

Freshly thrown coffeehouse mug above and more pots below that I threw on my wheel this afternoon.   Have a wonderful week, Friends! 

**Orders Update**    Saturday, February 4, 2017

Dear Friends:  Hello!  I have been posting more on my FB page than here, sorry about this!  Here is that link if you're on Facebook:

Finished the last batch and shipped them out this week.  Now I'm ready to start the next batch.  Yay!  I love the cycle of creating pottery.  From throwing, trimming, adding handles, drying, firing, glazing, firing, decorating, firing, then packing up and shipping out.  By the time I get a batch done I'm really excited to get back in the studio again!  Here are some pictures of the last batch completed.  I took them indoors in bad lighting before I packed them up.  It's cold & dark here in the winter! 

Hey, Happy Superbowl weekend!   Love & Light,  Diana


**Orders Update**    Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Hello, Friends!  Incredibly, it's mid-January 2017 already.  Honestly don't believe it.  Here in Ohio we've gone from snow & ice to mid-50 temps back to snow more than a few times. It's been a strange winter.  Today it was 50 and raining.  (I say 'was' because it's after dark now and getting cooler). It smells like Spring because the ground is thawing.  My sister lives in Michigan and they got ice overnight and lost their power.  It's very cold and they are thankful for their fireplace. 

I've got a batch of pots cooling in the kiln right now.  They got their glaze firing last night and it's still too hot to open her up.  My pyrometer broke so I can't tell what the temp actually is.  (I have an old manual kiln without the computer control on it which tells you the temp).  Wanted to share some pictures with you. 

These are the customers who have a pot or pots in this batch:  Erin R., Anna E., Tara S., Julie L., Kendra S., Jennifer C., Denise R., Laura B., Anne L, Amy D. and Cheryl R.  If I did not call your name, please be patient with me.  I'm starting to throw a new batch as well.  Thank you!

It's almost New Year's Eve!    Friday, December 30, 2016

Hello, friends!  I hope you are all happy and healthy!  I cannot believe that tomorrow is New Year's Eve.  This year of 2016 has been very difficult for many people.  We will never forget the many loved ones who crossed over this year.  Many are happy to leave 2016 behind and I must say that I'm ready for it to be over also.  I hope 2017 brings love, joy and prosperity of all sorts to everyone on Mother Earth at this time.  I am very grateful for all my blessings and send love & light to all.

Lately I've been posting more on my FB page than here on my website blog.  Just been too busy to do both.  If you like, please follow me there:

Well, here's a brief update for you.  I unloaded one batch from the kiln this evening after their third firing. They are finished! Yay! So, I'll be packing them up tomorrow morning. As soon as they are all shipped out, I have another batch that has been fired once (their bisque fire) and now I can glaze them. When this batch is in the kiln for their glaze fire, I'll start throwing another batch.

A special THANK YOU to all my customers who have been so very patient with me this year!

Happy New Year!  Diana

Drying pots...    Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Hey, Friends! Here's a picture from my studio where I've got some coffeehouse mugs, soup mugs, latte bowls, a mug and a plate drying. I'm working on a batch now and will continue to throw more coffee mugs, travel mugs, etc. in this load. The darker ones are more wet. Keeping them covered with plastic so they dry slowly with the electric heater on in my studio. Don't want the handles to crack.

**NOTE: I'm running behind in completing my orders because I hurt my knee/leg and it's been very painful to sit at my wheel. So, I've learned to use my left leg on the pedal and try to keep my right leg straight. Please be patient with me if you've got an order in...I'm doing my best.** Love to all! Diana

Imagine Peace Mug & American Hippie    Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Hello, Friends!   I'm thrilled that the "American Hippie" page on FB posted one of my Imagine Peace mug photos today.  At first I couldn't figure out why I was getting so many inquiries in my Etsy shop, here on my website and on my own FB page.  Finally, someone sent me the photo and I understood.  "American Hippie" has over 170,000 followers!  Wow!

Truly sorry to say that I'm out of stock on all of my mugs, probably until after Christmas.  I have a bunch of custom orders to finish, then I will make some mugs for my shop. In the future I want all my mugs to be 'ready to ship'.  Please follow along on my FB page for updates; I post there when I'm listing new items as well as sales and photos of my creation process.
Thank you!
Love & Light,

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