***Hello!  Please note that I am not taking orders for mugs at this time.  My husband is ill and I haven't been able to get into the studio.  I'm sorry for the inconvenience and appreciate your patience. Thank you!  Love & Light, Diana 8-27-19***

August 2016

Freshly thrown...UPDATE

Happy Tuesday, Friends!

Just came in from the studio where I trimmed a few pots that I threw on Sunday.  They don't have their handles on yet, so they just look like bowls and a tumbler.  But, they really are four soup mugs and a travel mug  Soup mugs are for Kelsey G., Laura B. and Jane R.  This travel mug is for Melissa M. 

Where have you been?

Hello!  How is everyone?  I have to apologize for not producing many pots or posting any updates in awhile.  I've been very busy with my 'day job' at our family store where we sell both office supplies & educational materials.  We've been swamped with 'Back to School' busy-ness since mid July and I've been so exhausted after work that I haven't been "playing" in my studio at night in quite awhile.  Our store sells mostly to Teachers and they come from 4 surrounding counties

Order Update...last fire complete!

Hello, Friends!  This load got their final firing on Saturday night; was able to open kiln last night for full cooling.  Will start packing them up tonight for shipping.  Yay!

**Customers who have pots in this batch are:  Sandra E., , Paul E., Delsie M., Judy C., Roslyn S., Erin A., Deb R., Jochy, R., Yvonne C., Jeff H., Cristi A. and Lori H.**