***Hello!  Please note that I am not taking orders for mugs at this time.  My husband is ill and I haven't been able to get into the studio.  I'm sorry for the inconvenience and appreciate your patience. Thank you!  Love & Light, Diana 8-27-19***

May 2017

Decorating pots...

Lots of PEACE pots in this batch!!  These are the blue/green ones I'm doing now.  I use laser decals (that I print on my laser printer) and the iron oxide of the toner acts like a stain on the glaze when I fire them for the last time.  So, the designs are permanent and part of the glaze!  The designs will look sepia brown after they are fired instead of the black look they have now.

Missing my Buddy!

I went to the studio late this afternoon to pull some handles for mugs that I threw last week.  I still cannot get used to being in the studio without Buddy!  It's just so lonely.  He's been gone for over 3 months now.  Can't believe it.  Recently I found this pic of us from June, 2010.  He was very healthy then and it brings a big smile to my face! I know I am very blessed to have had him with me for so long.  Have a great day, friends!

Diana and Buddy June 2010Happy Days in the studio with Buddy

Happy Memorial Day!

Dear Friends:

Hello!  In the US, today is Memorial Day where we remember our loved ones who fought for our freedoms.  It is a bank-holiday also, so most of us get to have the day off from our day jobs.  Yay!  It's a beautiful day here in Ohio, sunny and about 75 degrees F.  I'm inside decorating pots in my current batch.  It's tough to stay inside on such a beautiful day, but I have to take the time when I get it!  My husband, Terry is outside working on his garden.