***Hello!  Please note that I am not taking orders for mugs at this time.  My husband is ill and I haven't been able to get into the studio.  I'm sorry for the inconvenience and appreciate your patience. Thank you!  Love & Light, Diana 8-27-19***


Order Update: pots up to Feb. 2nd - Load A

I finally got ALL the pots from Load A out the door yesterday---yahoo!  It took me 3 (partial) days of packing up boxes to make sure they all arrive safely at their new home.  Before packing I sand the bottoms, clean them, give them Reiki and wrap them up with a bow!  Here's a photo of the group that was shipped yesterday...each one to a different customer.

Order Update: Orders up to Feb. 2nd - B Load

This load has been bisque fired and I just washed them off to prepare for glazing!  This is the second group of pots in the Batch of orders up to Feb. 2nd; I couldn't get them all in my kiln together.  After I get the A Load packed up and shipped out, I'll start glazing these babies this weekend!



Order Update: Pots up to Feb 2nd - A Load

**3rd and Final firing** Just loaded up the kiln for the final firing of this batch of pots.  This is "Load A" of the batch of pots on orders placed up to Feb. 2nd.  I finished decorating them this afternoon and now they are in the kiln for a cone 04 low fire to "burn" the laser decals into the glaze.  This is what makes the designs permanent!  This firing will take about 14-18 hours.

Decorating pots: ORDER UPDATE, pots up to Feb. 2nd--A Load

(Sunday night)...Still decorating this load of pots, been 2 days now; usually takes me 2-3 days.  I use laser decals which I print on my laser printer.  The artwork in this photo are henna tattoo designs by Jess Volinski, I purchased a commercial license from her.  The iron oxide in the toner of the printer burns into the glaze in the last firing (like a stain).  They are water-slide decals, so I cut them up and put them in water, then attach them to the pot where I want them.  

Order Update: Orders up to Feb. 2nd - B Load

I couldn't get all the pots of this batch into the kiln at once, so I'm now bisque firing the second group of these pots.  These are still for orders up to Feb. 2nd.  Bisque firing tonight!


Bisque firing pots in electric kiln


Glaze fire done! Order Update--up to Feb. 2nd.

Yay!  Successful glaze firing!  I unloaded the kiln Friday night and here are some pictures.  I'll be decorating these pots this weekend and hope to do the last firing on Sunday night.  I'll keep you posted!  Thank you all for your patience! 

Bottom shelf of kiln after glaze firing

Glaze Fire: Order Update for orders up to Feb. 2nd

Note:  This is part of the batch of pots which incluses orders up to Feb. 2nd. 

Loaded kiln tonight for the glaze fire!  Kiln will fire for about 18 hours and reach approx. 2,400 degrees F before switching off.  I "stilt" any pots which may stick to the shelf during firing.  This includes my soup mugs, coffeehouse mugs & potbelly mugs as the handles go very low to the shelf.  If the glaze runs down the handles and sticks to the shelf--it's all over!

Pretty Bottoms!

The last step of glazing is cleaning off the bottom of the pot of any glaze.  If you don't, the glaze will fuse the pot to your kiln shelf!  So, I take a sponge and clean the bottoms and then trim around the bottom edge leaving some clay revealed.  You need extra space in case the glaze runs down the outside of the pot.


Hello, friends!  I've been glazing a load of pots which include orders up until Feb. 2nd.  Wanted to share some pictures with you.  In case you haven't ever taken a pottery class, when you dip or brush your glazes on they don't look like the finished piece.  Glaze isn't like paint.  It's a combo of silica (glass) and stains & stuff.  The bisque fired pots are very absorbent and they suck up the moisture in the glaze pretty quickly. 

"Made to Order" Orders Update

**Status update: This batch is orders placed up to Feb. 2nd** Unloaded the kiln last night, washed off pots and they're ready to glaze! Sitting pretty in the morning sun. Have to run to Dayton to buy some glaze, then I will start glazing them this afternoon. Each pot gets 3 colors brushed on; 2-3 coats for each color.

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