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This listing is for a MADE TO ORDER Henna Tattoo style mug that I throw on my potter's wheel. It is handmade by me. After the glaze firing, I decorate each piece with laser decals that I print myself, using my graphic arts skills to make each mug look it's best.

**NOTE: This listing is for a made-to-order Henna Tattoo style that will take about 10-12 weeks to create, then ship. You will NOT get one of the mugs in the photos above. The pictures in this listing are samples of past orders. Each piece is one-of-a-kind.**

PLEASE READ--VERY IMPORTANT! You may choose ONE WORD from these words; this word will be placed inside the handle. "Namaste" "Gratitude" "Simplify" "Balance" "Breathe" "Center" "Anam Cara" "Love" or "no words" if you would like the handle left plain.

*Choose your COLOR at checkout & brown or blue/green & brown or purple & brown. Note: The pink mug shown was a personalized mug, I just don't have a regular one ready to photograph yet.*

**This is NOT a personalized listing** If you'd like names or other personalized words on your handle & inside the rim, see this listing:

CHECK OUT this page on my website to learn about my process:!about/c15uw


Holds approx. 12-14 oz. or 300-400 ml of liquid

Diameter: 3.5" or 10 cm

Height: 3+" or 6.75+ cm

NOTE: Henna Doodle Artwork © Jess Volinski Used with permission.

A BIT ABOUT ME & MY STUDIO: I make each and every pot by myself in my own studio called “Dancing Dolphin Pottery” in Ohio, USA. (No studio assistants). I throw these pots on my potter's wheel and fire them in my electric kiln. I love to make these pots! They bring me such joy! As I sit down at my wheel I first bring in Reiki energy to connect with the clay. This energy opens up my creativity and grounds me to Mother Earth. Then I try to listen to what the clay would like to become. When I know that this small ball of clay will be a mug, I form a picture in my inner eye of the shape that I desire. Then my hands and my muses do the rest! Of course, the 5 years of pottery classes and 10 years of practice doesn't hurt! But--there's a point when you let go of all that you've learned and just BE. I highly recommend that everyone with a passion for pottery take a pottery class to experience it for yourself!

HOW I PUT WORDS AND DECORATIONS ON MY POTTERY: The designs that I use on my pottery are the crop circle patterns that please me the most. I print my own laser decals on a laser printer and it's the iron oxide of the toner that burns into the pots in a special 3rd kiln firing. This extra step requires more materials (decals & toner), labor (I spend about 30 min. designing each piece) and electricity. This is why my personalized pots with decals are more expensive than “stamped” personalized pieces. But, of course they are worth it! My pots are high fired to cone 5 for durability and are dishwasher and microwave safe. Also, only lead-free glazes are used.

TIMING: Your mug will take about 12 weeks to create, so you must be patient. Think of them as functional works of art and it may help. If you need them by a specific date, ORDER EARLY! These pots cannot be rushed. (Note: If you need an “instant gift,”please see my “Pottery Gift Certificates” which I can email). As I said above, my pots require 3 firings and in between these firings there is drying time, glazing and decal treatments going on! The volume of my orders also has alot to do with the time it takes to complete your order. Creating pottery is a lesson in patience for both the potter and the customer. (Smile)...

GIFT? GIFT WRAP IS INCLUDED. If you'd like it shipped directly to someone else, make sure to put their address in the “Ship To” screen in Paypal. Please also give me a sentiment for the gift card.

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Diana Brower

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