STAR Earrings Purple Plum Ceramic Free Spirit Earrings StarSeed Copper HypoAllergenic Rustic Earthy Lavender Brown

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Ready to ship!  Purple *STAR* handmade earrings.  Purple round disc dangle ceramic beads with plum  STAR hanging from gorgeous handmade oxidized copper ear wires. Handmade ceramic beads created with my fingers and fired 3x in my electric kiln.  Ear wires are oxidized copper and created by an Etsy metal artist; they are naturally hypo-allergenic.  It's a lovely collaboration!

SIZE:  Earrings hang approx. 1" long; ceramic beads are approx. .5" diameter.  Gift box is included!

**Note: My earrings are created to hang forward. So, when someone is looking at your face they see the designs on the clay discs.**

A BIT ABOUT ME & MY STUDIO: I make each and every pot by myself in my own studio called “Dancing Dolphin Pottery” in Ohio, USA. (No studio assistants). I throw these pots on my potter's wheel and fire them in my electric kiln. I love to make these pots! They bring me such joy! As I sit down at my wheel I first bring in Reiki energy to connect with the clay. This energy opens up my creativity and grounds me to Mother Earth. Then I try to listen to what the clay would like to become. When I know that this small ball of clay will be a mug, I form a picture in my inner eye of the shape that I desire. Then my hands and my muses do the rest! Of course, the 5 years of pottery classes and 10 years of practice doesn't hurt! But--there's a point when you let go of all that you've learned and just BE. I highly recommend that everyone with a passion for pottery take a pottery class to experience it for yourself!

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